Near the coast or on the heights of the Massif des Maures, some trails allow you to appreciate the landscapes of Lavandou area at your own pace. While walking or jogging, take time to discover the surrounding flora and take some pictures of the Lavandou Bay.

The Sentier Littoral between Lavandou and Fossette

Between the centre of Lavandou and Fossette beach, the Sentier Littoral (Coastal Path) is an invigorating walk thanks to a succession of spectacular panoramas. While walking on this winding path, you will be able to stop for a swim on one of the many beaches bordering the coastline. Very reachable between Lavandou marina and Saint-Clair beach, the path then becomes a bit more difficult because it is steep. Ideal for a walk or a jog, here is a dynamic path to discover with family, friends or your partner. Arm yourself with a good pair of shoes and set off to discover Lavandou’s coastline!

A walk along the coast from Lavandou westward

Leaving from Lavandou westward, the Sentier Littoral offers a nice walk to Cape Bénat. Between Lavandou and La Favière in Bormes-les-Mimosas, a wooden promenade allows you to appreciate the surrounding landscape comfortably. Then, the marked trail takes you to Pointe de la Tripe while exposing magnificent views over the Lavandou Bay.

Further, at the end of the Sentier Littoral, a 8 km route takes you from Cabasson beach in Bormes-les-Mimosas to Pellegrin beach westward. This pleasant walk goes through pretty undergrowth brushing past the coastline, as well as the beaches of Estragnol and Léoube.

The walks between sea and mountain

East of Lavandou, a 12 km hike from Cavalière called Les Balcons de Cavalière takes you to discover Lavandou’s nature and landscapes. A sporty walk which offers exceptional panoramas on the Lavandou Bay and its turquoise waters!

From Bormes-les-Mimosas, neighbouring town of Lavandou, several marked trails are available for you to discover the area, between sea and mountains.

Notre-Dame de Constance trail takes you to the heights of the medieval village of Bormes-les-Mimosas, to discover the village’s heritage: Bormes castle, Notre-Dame de Constance chapel, Saint-Trophyme church, oratories… a walk between nature and culture! Forêt du Dom trail takes you to the heart of a cork oak forest, for a breath of fresh air in the Var nature.

The Trois Cols trail takes you on a 17 km loop through the Massif des Maures overlooking the Lavandou Bay. Starting from the medieval village, you will reach the heights of the Massif des Maures up to its summit: the Stone of Avenon. This walk offers panoramic views of the bay and the Golden Islands.