Discovering Lavandou and its surroundings by bike is a perfect way to combine relaxation and sports activity while enjoying great views over the Lavandou Bay. The routes are varied, enough to satisfy everyone!

Bike ride on the seaside in Lavandou

A quality bicycle path allows to move from Lavandou to Pramousquier for 8 km. Along the seashore, it is located on a steep ground at the foot of the Massif des Maures which embraces the Mediterranean Sea. The path is often covered with shadow thanks to the many trees that make up the abundant vegetation in this area of Lavandou.

If you need to refresh yourself during your ride, leave the track for a moment to enjoy one of the beaches that shape the coastline.

Bicycle ride in the nature around Lavandou

Other paths, sportier, take you to the discovery of the Massif des Maures. The Route des Crètes path takes you to the top of the hills overlooking Lavandou, from where you will have an impressive view over the bay.

These routes will allow you to explore the massif at your own pace and enjoy a moment close to nature.